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Danny Ainge Stays On Script

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Marc Spears reports:

Celtics president Danny Ainge said yesterday that he doesn’t expect to make a trade during Thursday’s draft, and any roster additions will likely come via free agency, which starts in July. The Celtics have only the 58th pick in the draft, in the second round. "We have nothing close to happening,’’ Ainge said. "I would guess that there would not be anything [on draft night]. We like the free agent market of veteran players much more than we like the draft.’’ On the wild trade rumors concerning some Celtics, Ainge said, "I just assume all of them are jokes when I read some of the junk out there and some of the things involving us that seem invented out of the blue sky.’’

That sounds convincing and fairly unequivocal, right?  Well, let's remember Danny's words immediately prior to the Ray Allen deal:

"I'm expecting to make our pick," said Ainge. "I'm excited about the fifth pick. I think the fifth pick can be an exciting part of our team this year and an important piece of our future."

When asked why he did not expect to trade the pick, Ainge added, "I felt that way from the beginning, that trades are hard to come by. We value our fifth pick. We value the players on the team. There's nothing that we're close to doing."

(June 28, 2007 Boston Herald)

... Ainge said the Celts aren't close to anything major right now, and their plate is certainly not as full as some reports would have you believe.

``The only annoying thing is that you guys all have to think that they're true and try to track me down and find out my opinions on them,'' he said of the alleged trade scenarios involving the Celts. ``Other than that, I think they're fun. What I think is really fun is that you guys actually believe them and the fans actually believe them. 

(June 28, 2007 Boston Globe)

So, there you have it.

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