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Daily Links 6/21

Herald    Money where his mouth is
Red Auerbach still the (original) king
Chris Wallace: All roads open
Globe    Give this year's draft a one-star rating
Honoring a big shot


CelticsBlog    Danny Ainge Stays On Script
Red's Army    My Father's Day Wish List
Celtics Circuit    Boston Celtics Mailbag - Will Rondo Get Traded?
Celtics Town    Boston Celtics Mailbag - Will Rondo Get Traded?
17 Banners    Celtics draft history - The Bad
North Station Sports    LeBron James Competition Weak Compared to the NBA's 'Golden Era'
Bleacher Report     The Future Of Rajon Rondo
Boston Celtics '09 Draft Preview
Boston Celtics Top Five Trade and Draft Blunders
News OK    NBA Draft: After Blake Griffin, a lot of unknowns
Sun Journal     A few astute observations
Twin Cities     Minnesota Timberwolves boss denies TV analyst Mark Jackson chosen to be coach
Dime Mag    More NBA Draft rumors; is Jersey getting Vince’s replacement?
Star Tribune    New Wolves boss Kahn's credo: Anything goes
Fan House     NBA Draft Predictions: Atlantic Division
Binary Basketball     The Role of the Point Guard in Today's NBA Era
CMST Media      Leo Papile Talking Hoops
SF Gate    Two drafts made Warriors turn a sickly green
Hoopsworld    NBA Saturday: VC to the Cavs?
Sports of Boston    Celtics 2009 NBA Draft Preview

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