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Celtics Stuff Live: Tonight With Mike Gorman

The 58th pick isn't getting anyone excited anytime soon, especially in a draft that has been labeled among the worst ever. Thankfully, Danny Ainge isn't that boring and despite his protests to the contrary, his history has not been one to sit on his hands while all the other GM's get to have all the fun.

Ainge has a lot of "chips" at his disposal and in case you have cruised around the internet lately, the blogs and message boards have noticed. Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen are two of the most commonly used names in conjunction with trade rumors and those rumors will only grow the closer we get to Draft Night. To sort it all out, Celtics Stuff Live was pleased to have the legendary Mike Gorman on the broadcast in his first post season appearance of the year.  Mike again reiterated that it is unlikely we'd see Ray or Rajon traded, but that the real strength of Danny Ainge is that he listens to any and all offers. While this may lead to a lot of chatter, the results have been pretty good.

While Mike was not all that enamored with the free agent class of this summer, but he noted that the global economic slowdown may keep prices of free agents down which should only help a championship contending team like the Celtics.

To wrap the show, Jon and Justin looked ahead to Thursday night's draft and Celtics Stuff Live's Draft Night show from 7:30 until things start slowing down. Join us at Comcast Sports Net and

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