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More Rondo Updates

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From the ESPN buzz:

POSTED: June 24 -- 12:43 p.m. ET

Chris Broussard: Rajon Rondo is definitely on the market. I'm told he's very hard for Doc Rivers to coach, and that although Rondo gets along OK with his teammates, he's far from a great teammate. The fear in Boston is that if Rondo is this difficult to handle on a rookie-scale salary, he'll be a monster once he earns big money.

One GM told me, "They won a championship with this guy, and he's coming off a tremendous playoff performance ... and they're looking to trade him. That tells you how bad things are."

POSTED: June 24 -- 12:17 p.m. ET

Marc Stein: The Celtics scoffed with vigor Tuesday night when we presented them with a Rajon Rondo/Brian Scalabrine-for-Rudy Gay/Mike Conley scenario.

It certainly does make more sense that the Celts wouldn't surrender Rondo without getting the second overall pick back in the swap, but it's clearly getting harder and harder for them to convince folks that Rondo