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Ray Doesn't Expect (Or Want) To Be Traded

Just in case we were all getting too focused on the Rondo situation, the Hartford Courant reminds us that there's another star player potential on the move. Ray Allen shares his perspective on trade rumors:

"I've said for the last day that I have a very attractive contract," Allen said. "I think there are disgruntled players around the league, so there is a lot of speculation about players being tossed around. Guys want to leave certain teams.

"I obviously think my contract is attractive to a lot of teams that want to get money off their books from the following year. It's part of the business." . . .

"Anything can happen. I've been traded twice in my career," Allen said.

It sounds like Ray is happy here, and doesn't want to be traded:

"I'm happy where I am — I love Boston," Allen said. "The city has been great to me. Honestly, we can win another championship this year, and that's what I look forward to doing, and that's where I want to be."

"I spoke with [ the Celtics] and for right now there is no desire to move me," Allen said.

Good.  From my perspective, I don't want to see Ray go anywhere unless it clearly upgrades the team.  Hopefully, the Celtics supplement what they already have, rather than going the "blow it up" route.

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