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If You Think This Draft Is Bad...

Before KG and Gerald Green, there was another #5
Before KG and Gerald Green, there was another #5

...just look back at the 2000 draft.  That's what I did last night while flipping through my copy of Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac (free plug). 

In it, Free Darko details each pick looking back several years later.  Sadly there's no content online but I can tell you that the best guys from that draft are actually coming back up in the news these days.

Hedo Turkoglu is the creme of the crop and he took years to develop to what he is now (one of the top free agents on the market).  He lasted until pick 16 and there wasn't much ahead of him.  Another decent guy out of that draft, Mike Miller, just got traded (he was pick 5).  Other than that, you've got Jamal Crawford, Quinten Richardson, and Etan Thomas (all traded or soon to be moved) plus Joel Przybilla and that's about it.

There were phenomenal busts like Stromile Swift and Marcus Fizer.  Flameout careers like Kenyon Martin and Darius Miles.  And of course who could forget Jerome Moiso?

I tell you what.  If this year is anywhere as bad as that year, it is a very good year indeed to have no picks in the first round.

For fun, here's another look back at 2000.

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