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(Almost) Live from the Draft..

As Jeff mentioned earlier today, Roy Hobbs is at MSG tonight .  He's updating me with some behind the scenes commentary via text message (if its good enough for DA and Spears, txting will work for Roy and me too).

I [Roy Hobbes] was on TV, in front of the guys with the Israeli flag

Word is that Rubio is staying in Minn and Hill will stay with the Knicks

Lots of talk linking the Knicks and the Wolves but Lawson just traded to the Nuggets.

Jrue Holiday finally picked.  He looks upset.  Last guy in the green room although there are other guys here.

Rumor via Slam is Nate Rob + Hill for Rubio.  Would have to be after July 8.  

 The Cats shock the world and pick...Gerald Henderson, local college product.  DeJaun and Jrue are Jslippin

SVG's under-eye bags are visible from 50 feet.  No one on the ESPN talks to Stu Scott (which sounds about right to me).  

Nets fans seem happy with Williams.   Someone in press row is ripping through some pickled sausages. Insert sportswriter & food joke here. 

This one is from me, not Roy.   The Nets just sent me an email announcing the VC trade with the following ridiculous headline: "Three Conference Champs join the Nets with VC trade?" that's spin!

Jennings to the Bucks.  Possibly meaning Sessions could be available as a backup for the Cs?

Murmur in press row is Hill may move to Minny...maybe the Knicks can get Ricky after all?

Agony for Knicks fans.   Someone just called Hill "another Mikki Moore"

A press release is circulating with the MSM writers....maybe a trade?

Likely Knicks fan to Roy: "Did the Wolves get your pick in the Telfair trade?

Knicks fans are getting giddy with the thought of Rubio in NYC....and now are devistated.  If Curry goes before #8, someone put a watch on the bridges tonight...ahh Knick fans. 

Shock that the Thunder pass on Rubio.  Shock!

Thabeet (the #2 pick) is a foot taller than everyone in the green room.

Highlight so far.  Meeting Steve Weinman, who is interning for the NBA this summer.   Almost as good, Wilbon nearly knocked Roy (Hobbs) down to hug Roy (Williams).

Roy is on the scene.  The first report is that that he's rubbing elbows with the prospects while they enjoy some chicken fingers.   Presumably said chicken fingers are curtosey of D.Stern.

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