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1st Round Over and All Is Well

So far no deals, no new rumors, no movement at all by the Celtics and I'm pretty happy about that.

I knew as soon as Thabeet went number two that this had a chance of being a very quiet draft night.  The night isn't over yet, but all those rumors that tied Danny to the #2 pick (to pick up Evans or Rubio) went up in smoke when the big man was selected.

The most interesting things to happen were the TWolves run on point guards.  They claim to be keeping the first two and dealing Ty Lawson but I wonder if another deal (New York?) is in place.  Besides that, Brandon Jennings showing up "late" was about the only interesting thing to happen.

It seems as if all of the action that happened in the days leading up to the draft kind of took some steam out of the actual draft night.

There's still a chance that Ainge could buy a 2nd round pick (DeJuan Blair anyone?).  [Update: "And Pitt's DeJuan Blair, with those frightening ACL reports to team doctors, dropped right out of the first-round." - Yahoo!] Or maybe there's a deal out there that we just haven't heard of yet, but I kind of doubt it.  Chances are we'll see Ainge pick someone at 58 who may or may not even make our opening day roster.

So far all is quiet and all is well.

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