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Silent Night

Silent Night
Silent Night

Rajon Rondo is still a Boston Celtic.  Ray Allen is still a Boston Celtic.  As it turned out, all the sound and fury really signified nothing. The smoke must have been put out by a park ranger because there's no fire burning right now.

The offseason isn't over, and there's still time for trades to occur.  But they happen a lot more frequently on draft night. 

Ainge told us that it would likely be a quiet night and we didn't believe him.  But the Boston war room sat and watched the events unfold and simply picked their selection at #58.  I'm sure they listened to offers, but nothing worth moving on came up.

Next up:  The free agent market.  Ainge has promised that they'll be aggressive.  That party starts on July 1st.

Good night sweet world.  Time for bed.  I can rest easy knowing that the core of our team is still intact.

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