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Communication Is Key

There's a lot of stories to get to today, but to me the most important one is this.  Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers both took time to speak to Rondo and make sure he understands where they are coming from. 

You see, the big issue I had with Danny's comments were that they were so public and seemed so harsh, especially coupled with the trade rumors circulating about.  Once that toothpaste was out of the tube, there was no putting it back in but a lot can be solved by open communication.  It sounds like that happened recently. (via the Globe)

Coach Doc Rivers has been joking with point guard Rajon Rondo about recent trade speculation.

"I talked to him [Wednesday] night, [Wednesday] afternoon, [yesterday] morning,’’ Rivers said while preparing for last night’s draft. "I’m very frank and honest with Rondo. I said, ‘What the hell you doing here? You should be in one of these other cities.’ He was laughing. I brought up the rumors and why, and I don’t think it was a bad thing.’’ ...

Ainge, meanwhile, said he spoke to Rondo yesterday about the comments Ainge made regarding the guard on WEEI Wednesday morning.

On how the conversation went, Ainge said, "Good. I don’t get the sense that he interpreted things the way everyone else did.’’

Now of course it sounds like Rondo's agent is going to make sure Tardigate isn't forgotten, but that's what agents do. 

In related news, apparently Cedric Maxwell was on the radio saying that Rondo would be willing to sign an extension for 5 years and $50 Million.  If so, I have high hopes that a deal can be reached this offseason.

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