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Time To Focus On Free Agents

Sounds like the real push for improvement this offseason will happen via free agency, so lets reboot that conversation today.  Here's what the Globe had to say about some early names in the discussion:

So, what are the Celtics going to do? Well, Boston has its eyes on free agency. The Celtics are willing to use the midlevel exception (expected to be $5.6 million-$5.8 million) for the right player. Expect the Celtics’ top priority in free agency to be landing one or possibly two big men, not including the re-signing of restricted free agent forward Glen Davis.

An NBA source said the Celtics will keep an eye on such free agents as Detroit forward-center Rasheed Wallace, Phoenix forward Grant Hill, and Toronto swingman Anthony Parker. Denver center Chris Andersen (likely to re-sign), Detroit forward Antonio McDyess (likely to re-sign), Denver forward Linas Kleiza, Detroit forward Francisco Oberto (expected to be bought out), and Milwaukee forward Bruce Bowen (expected to be bought out) are also considerations.

So who do you think will be at the top of Ainge's wish list?

As a reminder, here are a series of articles I wrote on this topic recently:

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