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Mazz On Rondo

You'll have to forgive me if I just link and quote this.  Any more analysis of Rondo is going to make me ill.  But since Mazz took the time to write this article, there might be some that want to discuss it.  So here it is.

There is flash and there is substance, and somewhere is between rests the elusive Rajon Rondo. Someday, he could he could be great. At the moment, he isn’t nearly as good as many make him out to be.

Trade Rondo? You bet I would, assuming the Celtics got fair value in return. Admittedly, fair is a highly subjective term. But if you were even remotely surprised by Danny Ainge’s recent admission that nobody is untouchable, you have not been paying attention to the world of professional sports, in general, or to the case of Rondo, in particular. And lest anyone think this is all some sort of commentary on Rondo’s off-court issues, as we have come to learn them.

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