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Kidd In Play? (and Other Rumors)

The Dallas Morning News reports:

Wednesday is when teams officially can begin talking to free agents, and Kidd is expected to get overtures from several teams: Cleveland, Portland, Boston, New York and perhaps the Lakers.

All of those teams except for Portland are stymied by the salary cap. The Knicks can only offer their mid-level exception, expected to be between $5 million and $6 million. Kidd earned $21 million last season.

The Mavericks can pay him any amount up to the league maximum.

Interesting if true.  I always assumed that he'd end up back in Dallas.  I also assumed that we'd be interested in backup point guards not starters.  But of course none of these rumors phase me anymore.

If that doesn't ring your bell, Here are some more rumors for you.

  • One website that I can't read has a rumor linking the Celtics to Oberto.  LOY's place offers a very rough translation.

  • Stephen A Smith tweets: "Dahntay Jones is looking for a multi-year deal. The Celts are willing to surrender $8 mil over 2 years. He wants 4 years."
  • Ridiculous Upside reports the following names for our Orlando Summer League team thus far: Bryan Mullins, Lester Hudson, Chris Lofton, Gabe Pruitt, Bill Walker, J.R. Giddens
  • The Globe reports on Big Baby: "One NBA general manager said Davis could maybe garner a contract paying $3 million-$4 million in the first year, while another said he’d get close to the mid-level exception (at least $5.6 million)."
  • The Globe also reports "While fellow rookie forward Bill Walker was considered to be ahead of Giddens last season, Rivers said they are on the same level now and are likely competing for one spot."
  • McDyess going back to Detroit is no sure thing.

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