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Update: NOT A Rumor: Sheed To Boston (Tanguay's Guess)

I haven't seen the video, but apparently Gary Tanguay just reported on CSN the following:

It looks like he'll be a member of the Celtics... I'll leave it at that

Take with a grain of salt because as we all know, the teams and players can't negotiate contracts until July 1.

Update:  It appears that Tanguay was just telling us what his "gut" was telling him.  My eyes hurt from rolling so much.  What a joke.

Via his twitter account:

Good news Celtics fans...bench help on the way....Rasheed Wallace in green. That is my prediction.

Via his own blog post

As we told you last week on Sports Tonight the Celtics would love to get Rasheed Wallace to come off the bench this year. As we grow closer to the post July 1st NBA free agent signing period the chances of Rasheed wearing green this coming season are very good.

He is good friends with Keving Garnett and he has a great interest in coming here.

My gut tells me Rasheed  Wallace will be come a Celtic soon.

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