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Daily Links 6/3

Herald    NBA Finals coaches couldn’t be more different -
Cavs: LeBron James has benign growth removed from jaw -
Obama picks Lakers to win pro basketball title -
Jameer Nelson’s mates say PG will work Magic -
Longtime NBA coach Del Harris officially announces retirement -
NBA commissioner upset with LeBron James over postgame conduct -
 The sweet story of Lamar Odom’s love of candy -
Globe Nelson likely to play - The Boston Globe
Leading man Howard steps onto new stage - The Boston Globe

CelticsBlog   Celtics' Salary Cap Situation and FAQs: 2009 Edition
LOY's Place    Haven't We Seen This Before?
 Interesting Rumor out of Phoenix
Celtics 17   Will the Boston Celtics Ever Change Their Uniform?
Red's/Pat's Army    : You knew someone would re-voice a puppet commercial
You wanted rumors: Rondo, Ray to Phoenix
- We can thank Clifford Ray for Dwight Howard
Green Street     Green Street " High flying action to hold you over
 Report: Kings to make head coach decision ‘pretty quickly’
Celtics Hub    Kicking the Tires: The Roberto Petagine of the NBA
NESN    Top Ten blunders in New England sports history
NY Times   Sports of The Times - A Handshake Is Hardly Too Much to Ask, Even From LeBron James
Enterprise  Something’s afoul with NBA officiating - Brockton, MA -
Star Tribune   On the Wolves " Blog Archive " Everybody attends Wolves pre-draft workouts except for Mac
Sports of Boston    Celtics Player Reviews: J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker
Bleacher Report    Possible Reunion For Philadelphia 76ers and Kyle Korver?
Will the Boston Celtics Ever Change Their Uniform?
Dime Mag    Obama weighs in on Lakers/Magic, plus Jameer Nelson’s status
ESPN     LeBron James has growth removed from mouth
NBA Finals: Can Andrew Bynum slow down Dwight Howard?
Los Angeles Lakers versus Orlando Magic true-false questions
Chuck Swirsky Blog - Del Harris retires after 50 years
Yahoo    King James left the playoffs as a loser
SacBee    Kings Blog and Q&A: After Rambis interview, what's next?
Third Quarter Collapse  Interview With David Steele
Examiner   How the Celtics match up with the NBA finalists, Part I (Lakers)
NY Times    Kobe Bryant Is Still Searching for a Rival
Celtics Circuit     Give Paul Pierce Some More Support
Washington Post    Lakers Turn to Injured Andrew Bynum Against Dwight Howard and Orlando     Pau Gasol could mute Dwight Howard's dominance in NBA Finals

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