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Statistical Reasons Not To Trade Rondo

Sorry, I couldn't resist one more Rondo post before we dive into free agency.  Wages of Wins breaks down the reason why the Pistons were foolish to laugh off that rumored Rondo/Ray to the Pistons deal. is the list of point guards who produced more wins than Rondo last year:

Chris Paul: 29.4 Wins Produced, 0.471 WP48

Jason Kidd: 21.0 Wins Produced, 0.349 WP48

Yes, that’s the list.  And Kidd is now 68 years old.

I don't really know what Wins Produced is and I don't care to learn, but this seems to back up what my eyes saw.  Rondo is a really good PG and really helps us win basketball games.

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