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Suns Trade Rumor Dies

As a follow up to a rumor that surfaced a few days ago: The same guy that originally reported it on the radio has already shot it down himself.  From

So Stoudemire will be dealt and there will be some good deals on the table to give STAT a new address. The Celtics will show interest and could put together some enticing packages. But it is unlikely that Stoudemire will be wearing green next year.

First and foremost the Suns still want Steve Nash to be the point guard on this team and want to extend him another two years. Second, in any trade involving Stoudemire they would like to get another big back. The Celtics deal I discussed centered around Rondo and Ray Allen, two guards. So while I believe Rondo can be had for the right price, I just can't see the Suns wanting to end the Steve Nash era at this point. Remember, they still need to sell tickets to a fan base unhappy with last season's results and dealing with a tough economy.

To me it sounds like this guy's source is from within the Suns organization.  If I'm reading this right, yes Ainge would be willing to listen to deals for Ray and Rondo that include a young, veteran all star that has the potential to be dominating.  But he fit was never there for us and the in truth it was never there for the Suns either.  End of story.

For further developments on where Amare might end up, check out Bright Side of the Sun, which has turned into Rumor Central.

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