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Silver Linings And Happy Thoughts

Several of you pointed out what a depressing and fatalistic tone my post (and the subsequent comments that follwed) took yesterday.  Totally fair assesment.  I'm an emotional writer and I wear my heart on my blog as it were, so that happens sometimes.  I was trying to get across the urgency that I feel to get help for the starters before the Big Three get old, not to imply that I thought they were washed up already.  I don't take back anything I wrote, and I promise there will be more articles like that in the future as my mood swings with the wind (as Master PO likes to accuse me of) but I'm also happy to look on the bright side of life and whistle along with Brian when the mood strikes me.

So today I'm all about ice cream and puppy dogs and sunny days.  Here are some thing to put some pep in your step today.

  • This team won 62 games this year, good for 3rd in the whole league.
  • We were a quarter away from the ECF without our best all-around player.
  • We have, on paper, the best starting 5 in the world.
  • Rondo made "the Leap" this year.  Next year he might very well be an All Star.
  • Year after year, Perkins keeps getting incrementally better and better.  He's a true solid veteran and still pretty young.
  • Doc and his staff deserve a lot of credit for what they were able to coax out of this team given the series of injuries and nagging issues they faced from the All Star break to the end.
  • KG, Pierce, and Ray are all on track to be healthy and rested by training camp.
  • Defense wins championships.  When healthy, nobody plays it better than us.
  • Wyc has given Danny the green light to spend money on "the right kind of players."
  • We are buyers in a buyers market for trades (and have trade assets in expiring contracts).
  • No other title contenders look unbeatable.  Looking at you LeBron.
  • Many former contenders are looking to rebuild (Nets, Raps) or at least retool on the fly (Pistons).
  • Nothing will ever change the fact that we won Banner 17, and we did it by ending the modern Pistons era, recreating the Bird/'Nique showdown with Pierce defeating LeBron, and humiliating the LA Lakers along the way.
  • If we get any kind of help this summer, we'll be one of the favorites to win the title next year.

Feel free to add your own in the comments.

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