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Celtics Stuff Live: Tonight With Steve Bulpett

The offseason is upon us at Celtics Stuff Live, but we "break" for no one and that includes the minor fact that the Celtics won't play another game for nearly four months. Already we have seen the first trade rumor of the summer which I believe was titled "OMG!! RAY AND RONDO TO PHENIX FOR AMORE AND BARBOSA!!!" Or maybe not, but you get the drift... this won't be the first rumor of the summer, that is certain.  To help us weed out the good stuff this evening, Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald joined us to chat about all things Celtics through what should be a potentially pivotal period for the team as it looks toward Banner 18 and beyond.

Steve displayed some disappointment that the team felt it was necessary to keep the media and the fans in the dark regarding Garnett's injury status, but it didn't appear that he's ready to throw hands with the "Wycster". We broached the subject of the Ray/Rondo rumor and Steve noted that the team is going to listen to everyone, but indicated that the team made the deals it did for Allen and Garnett to win as many championships as it could with them as key players on the Celtics. Fast forwarding to the present, Celtics are resolved to keeping Rondo in uniform for his entire career, and that neither the team nor Rondo's agent are looking at maximum contract money in a deal. Certainly good news for the Rondo fans, like myself, out there. However Steve mentioned the team seems much more committed to building around Pierce, Garnett, and Rondo than Ray.

On his way to wrapping up with the show, Steve told the story of how Tom Thibodeau "Almost broke the sky" when they played ball together back in the day.

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