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Daily links 6/8

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Herald    Pau Gasol steals big stage Pau Gasol steals big stage
If they can’t outclass them, then Lakers will outlast the Magic
Magic had good play, but a bad shot by Courtney Lee

Magic miss opportunity
Globe    Any Boston All-Star bid may be eyed coldly by NBA
Double the fun for LA

CelticsBlog  Why We Have To Consider Trading Ray Allen
LOY's Place   Tim and Toine and Other Thoughts
Celtics 17    Exclusive Interview With Celtics17 Writer- Celticsfanatic
Red's Army     Want to go to an All Star game? Root for global warming
Draft day is Ainge Day
NESN    Lakers take down Magic in overtime
Loscy    The Rondo ‘tude.
USA Today   Q&A: Bill Russell opens up on Auerbach
Lakers, Magic prove versatility playing well in postseason

Twin    Minnesota Timberwolves' David Kahn, Ryan Gomes grasp the urgency
Lakers Nation    Michael Wilbon: "Lakers…are the most important basketball franchise in the world"
Bleacher Report     The Top 5 Players All-Time Still In The NBA
Making Sense Of The Symbolism Of Red Auerbach
News OK   Sam Presti made right call on Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis
Daily Herald    Lakers, Magic show that small lineups no way to go
Sign on San Diego     Kobe not very happy, but Lakers are up two games    Magic Poised to Make Another Comeback
Poll Daddy    Who goes on, Leon Powe or Lorenzo Alexander?
Depressed Fan    What Can the MLE Buy You?
DaBullz    Tim Thomas Wants To Join the Celtics?
US Post History is against teams trailing 0-2 in finals
Kyle977409   Download He Got Game Online!
Fan House     Is L.A. More Motivated Than Orlando?
NBA    Team Needs: Atlantic Division
Morning Journal     Bosh would be an upgrade, but don’t bank on it
Hawkeye342     Rajon Rondo and the Next Boston Massacre
BallerBlogger   The Lakers Are Playing Zen Basketball
Tightend   CATCH THIS: Hate is UGLY!!!


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