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Afternoon Links

Some stuff I found today: - The Voice Of Celtics Fans: Maybe the Lakers winning is a good thing
"Maybe I'm romanticizing the past a little bit. But to me, basketball was at its absolute peak in the 80's. The play was great. There were so many great players and good teams. We had classic individual performances (71 points..."

The C’s Offense: Better Without Garnett? (It Can’t Be…)
CelticsHub looks at the offensive stats with and without KG.  The results are pretty surprising.

"Knicks team president Donnie Walsh will eye a center with his $5 million mid-level exception during free agency, and Orlando's 7-foot backup Marcin Gortat is very high on his list"

DraftExpress: Breaking Down the NBA Draft Historically by Position, Class and Year
"we've decided that its time to take another stab at identifying some underlying trends that could have some bearing on this draft and those in the future."

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