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No Need For Sheed

The Celtics are looking for a veteran big man to play defense and maybe provide some scoring punch for the second unit. Rasheed Wallace is available as a free agent. The Celtics should be interested in him, right? Not necessarily.

I'll preface this with this fact: I'm not a Rasheed Wallace fan. I don't like him. I respect what he's done in his career and I'm sure he'll be playing for someone next year, but I just hope it isn't the Celtics.

Yes he's tall but he's not an inside scorer. Yes he's played defense in the past, but he's been downright lazy and uninterested lately. Yes he can be a game changer, but too often (even during his peak) he had bouts of invisibility. He's been described as a great teammate, but he also selfishly continues to rack up technical fouls at the expense of his teammates.

If that isn't enough, consider this analysis of his current makeup:

I remember watching Ben Wallace in his final year with the Pistons, thinking ‘He’s lost it. He doesn’t have the same explosion anymore.’ Same thing this year with Sheed, though Sheed’s at an age where you expect that. He just doesn’t have the mobility to be a special defensive player anymore, as he was during his first 3 or 4 seasons in Detroit.

He may not even be an option anyway, because at least one source is indicating that he wants $8M (or he's threatening to retire). Take that for what it is worth but one source has the Cavs offering him $10M a year for 2 years. If true, that's way too rich for our blood.

Which is fine by me. I understand the allure of a former All Star big man hitting the open market, but I'm just not interested. What do you think?

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