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Sheed Rumors Gaining Momentum

I gave Tanguay a hard time about how he delivered the rumor a day ago, but now the rumor is picking up steam.  Marc Stein is reporting:

Boston has emerged as the hot new entrant in the race for 'Sheed, with my colleague Ric Bucher from ESPN The Magazine crediting Kevin Garnett for not only convincing Celtics personnel chief Danny Ainge to enter the bidding but leading the Celtics' lobbying efforts.

Orlando, San Antonio and Dallas all have strong 'Sheed interest as well

Tanguay also reported last night that Sheed would be in Boston for a visit soon.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports (I'm not familar with his work) is reporting the following:

Rasheed Wallace’s camp was expecting calls early Wednesday from the Celtics, Cavaliers, and Spurs, among others. Kevin Garnett, a league source confirmed, was working behind the scenes to recruit ‘Sheed to Boston. Wallace’s attitude – which obviously can be both good and bad – and his ability to stretch the front court would be assets to the Cavs in their quest to fortify their pre-draft acquisition of Shaquille O’Neal. Wallace will have to factor in whether anyone comes forward with more than the mid-level exception. He also is said to be wary of the strong egos in the Boston locker room, not to mention the fact that the Rajon Rondo situation needs to be resolved. The Celtics cleared a spot for Wallace by not extending a qualifying offer to power forward Leon Powe, who is coming off major knee surgery and became an unrestricted free agent.

If true, this is an amazing example of irony:  Rasheed Wallace being concerned about strong egos.

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