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Gordon, Villanueva May Be Pistons Soon

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports:

Chicago Bulls guard Ben Gordon(notes) and Milwaukee Bucks forward Charlie Villanueva(notes) flew to Detroit on Wednesday morning for a mid-day meeting with team president Joe Dumars and indications are both are moving rapidly toward deals with the Detroit Pistons, league and sources close to the two players told Yahoo! Sports.

Gordon and Villanueva, both unrestricted free agents, would be significant strikes on the first full day of NBA free agency.

Gordon and Villanueva have history together, and are good friends. They played for the University of Connecticut, although never together. The Pistons have nearly $20 million in salary-cap space and it’s thought that the offers to these two players would come close to expending that money.

In other free agent news, it looks like Hedo is the Blazers top priority.

“The Trail Blazers’ summer agenda was revealed late Tuesday night at the minute the free agent market opened. That’s when general manager Kevin Pritchard and assistant general manager Tom Penn called agent Lon Babby to begin the courtship of small forward Hedo Turkoglu. `Kevin Pritchard and Tom Penn called me at the earliest possible moment and expressed enthusiasm for engaging in discussions about Hedo becoming a Trail Blazer,` Babby said late Tuesday night. `We have begun that process.`”

I think teams that have money to spend and are willing to spend it will do so quickly.  After that, players will be fighting for MLE money.

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