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Is Powe Done In Boston?

He seems to think so.  Via the Herald

Powe walked away from his conversation believing that his time as a Celtic was finished.

"I wasn’t feeling a vibe like that," he said of whether he got the sense the Celtics might be interested in re-signing him later in the summer. "I knew they wouldn’t (offer a qualifying offer), so I just have to move on.

"That’s what they told me," Powe said of whether his connection with the Celtics was finished. They told me, ‘Good luck with another team.’ Doc (Rivers) told me that he wanted me there, and he would do whatever he could to make sure I came back, but Danny came to me yesterday saying that they only have a two-year window, and I would be taking up a roster spot for someone else."

Reached today, Ainge said he would still be interested in signing Powe, though only after he recovers from knee surgery.

That's really too bad.  We'll miss you Leon.  Thanks for helping us win #17.

Update: Jessica Camerato is reporting that this whole free agency thing isn't slowing down Powe's tireless community work in Oakland.  The Leon Powe Basketball Camp is still on and Fresh Start For Oakland is as well.

They tell me I can’t save everybody but I say, ‘I will try. I will try to save everybody.’”

Wow.  What else can you say about this man?

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