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Report: Grant Hill Re-Signs With Phoenix

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Adrian Wojnarowski reports:

Grant Hill has decided to re-sign with the Phoenix Suns, and a large part of the decision is based on the belief that Steve Nash is close to reaching an agreement on a contract extension, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

That's disappointing, but not unexpected, news.  It's hard to blame Hill for not wanting to uproot his family and choosing to stay in a city where he's comfortable.  He likes his teammates, he likes the city, and his children are enrolled in school already.  The rumors about him signing with the Knicks never made sense to me, but this does. 

Now, it's time for "Plan B".  Doc has talked several times this off-season about how the Celtics were hurt last season because they didn't have a viable backup for Paul Pierce.  Who should the Celtics target to fill that hole at this point?

UPDATE:  The deal is $3 million next season, with an option for a second year.

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