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Big Baby Updates - Running Out Of Options

Mark Murphy reports:

Though the Celtics have not made an offer to Glen Davis, the restricted free agent and his team may be drifting closer together thanks to NBA’s strapped economy.

Though Davis is still hopeful of landing a mid-level-sized deal - one that starts at $5.8 million - the field is limited.

Detroit, a team with clear interest, has $3.2 million to offer, and is reportedly hesitant to send Davis an offer sheet with the knowledge that the Celtics will gladly match that amount. The Pistons, rather than have their cash placed in limbo by the seven-day period the Celtics would have to match the offer, are instead pursuing other options.

Also of note:

Three league sources close to negotiations confirmed that the Celtics explored a now-dead sign-and-trade deal that would have sent Davis to Miami in exchange for restricted free agent Jamario Moon. The plan never got off the ground because both young players fall into a dreaded category known as base-year compensation.

This would seem to end the Celtics’ interest in Moon, who is aiming higher than the $1.9 million biannual exception the Celtics can offer in a straight-up signing.

The Celtics, as a result, are now exploring other sign-and-trade possibilities, as well as other free agents who might be more amenable to a $1.9 million starting point. NBA rules restrict players who sign for the biannual exception to only two-year contracts.

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Additional League Notes:

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