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Dwyer: Magic Are Stacked

Vinsanity in the Magic Kingdom
Vinsanity in the Magic Kingdom

Kelly Dwyer is very impressed with what the Magic have done this offseason.

This team is stacked. Replacing Hedo's 17-5-5-on 41 percent shooting line is Carter, who somehow managed a 21-5-5-on 44 percent shooting line last year, even while being dragged down by the weight of his massive contract and all the hatred and enmity we have for the man.

Replacing Tony Battie's(notes) fruitless (if well intentioned) minutes during last year's Finals will be Bass, who merely scores at a very efficient rate, rebounds, and works well away from the ball.

Replacing a 23-year old Dwight Howard(notes) will be a 24-year old Dwight Howard. Replacing Rafer Alston(notes) and iffy minutes from Jameer Nelson(notes) will be 30+ strong minutes from a healthy, All-Star level Jameer Nelson. The Magic need a backup point guard, but guess what? Gortat, with his blessing, can be traded for one six weeks into the season.

How do you feel they've done with their moves?  How do they stack up with the Celtics, Cavs, and other Eastern teams?

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