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The Sign and Trade Big Baby Option

Where ya headed Baby?
Where ya headed Baby?

If we can bring back Baby at a reasonable price, that would be great.  However, if some other team wants to have him for more money and is willing to give up a player or two or perhaps a pick to get it done, that might be a good option as well.  Ainge has already talked about getting Jamario Moon and appears to be looking all around the league for other options.  Per Marc Spears of the Globe:

According to sources, the Pistons have been trying to clear salary cap space to make an offer to Davis. Detroit and New Orleans might need to offer a sign-and-trade deal to make a run at the Baton Rouge, La., native. Although the Jazz announced last night they will match the $32 million offer sheet signed by forward Paul Millsap from the Trail Blazers, they are also expected to trade forward Carlos Boozer, which would keep the interest in Davis alive. If Millsap’s offer sheet is matched by Utah, Portland’s interest in Davis could grow.

So other than those few teams, what options do the Celtics have?  Jack Jemsek of CSN looks at a number of options around the league.  He concludes:

In Big Baby’s situation, if he gets the $5 million he is seeking, and the Celtics attempt a sign-and-trade, a team that is $2.5 million under the cap most likely will be involved, which makes all the above teams minus the Hawks and Raptors as potential trading partners.

Who do you think the Celtics should target in a Big Baby sign and trade?

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