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Get To Know Marquis Daniels

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Welcome to Boston Marquis!
Welcome to Boston Marquis!

We'll be getting to know him very well soon enough, but for now, here's some scouting reports on him.


Daniels is 6-6 but handles the ball like a point guard and has played there at times, including last season for the Pacers. He has a great feel for scoring close to the basket and the size to finish around bigger players, even though he isn't a great athlete. He's shot over 50 percent in the basket area each of the past three seasons, an unusual feat for a guard. Unfortunately, he needs to shoot well from that close in because he's such a poor outside shooter.

When Daniels is going good people say he's smooth ... and when he's not, people say he's coasting. One wonders if he could be a bit more engaged in the proceedings, especially on defense where he appears both soft and somewhat disinterested.

Indy Cornrows (Pacers Blog)

Marquis Daniels has a game that is often overlooked yet should be savored for his ability to contribute in many ways. He does the little things that aren't quantified for the masses but force a little half-smile to burst from the corner of Jim O'Brien's mouth. Things like deflecting the ball on defense (a stat the coaching staff does track and value). Things like knifing into the lane pulling up where no anticipates he should, and dropping in a bucket. The ball appears to hit the rim like a medicine ball and drop.

Strange. How'd he do that? Just Quisy.

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