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Pistons Sign Wilcox And Other Thoughts

As expected, the Pistons moved on from the Glen Davis interest and picked up another young power forward in Chris WilcoxESPN reports:

The Detroit Pistons have agreed to a two-year deal with free agent Chris Wilcox, a source told

The deal is for $6 million over the next two years according to sources.

So that is one more team off the Baby trail and one more step he takes back to Boston.  But that story is getting old.

What is more interesting is who might be headed to Indy in a potential sign and trade for Daniels.  That Chad Ford tweet was almost a day ago and who knows how accurate that info is (though Ford always seems to have reliable dirt on Danny).  I'd hate to see Walker go but you have to give to get.  I don't think the team has much in the way of plans for Pruitt and Tony is totally expendable at this point.

I wonder if Indy is asking for Walker or if the Celtics really do think Giddens has passed him up at this point.  Kind of reminds me of when we traded Joe Johnson and kept Kedrick Brown, though on a smaller scale talent-wise.  Hope they make the right choice this time around.

I'm pretty excited about Daniels.  It sounds like he has had injury and focus issues in the past, but he's young enough to bounce back from injuries and the focus shouldn't be an issue on a championship contending team.  He's got some real talent and I like that he can fill in at multiple positions.

Now we just need a point guard.

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