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Get To Know Your Summer League Roster

Nick Fazekas was added to the roster and the full team was announced yesterday.  Here it is (via Green Street with my comments on each):

(F) Nick Fazekas, Nevada - Had some promise in college but is best known for being cut for a retired Kieth Van Horn.  Recently played in Belgium
(G) Coby Karl, Boise State - Coach Karl's son used to play for the Lakers.
(G) Chris Lofton, Tennessee - Recently played in Turkish league.
(G) Bryan Mullins, Southern Illinois - "startled the coaching staff when he broke the Celtics record for the three-minute run - a staple for everyone during training camp." - Herald
(F) Kevin Rogers, Baylor
(G) Bryce Taylor, Oregon
(F) Mike Sweetney, Georgetown - Ate his way out of the league but is making a comeback attempt.
(C) Robert Swift, Bakersfield HS (CA) - Might have more tats than games played, but has some upside.
(G) Darius Washington, Memphis - One of the few Memphis players not involved in test scores scandals (I'm exaggerating of course)

Here's the schedule:

July 6, 7pm vs. Jazz
July 7, 1pm vs. Magic
July 8, 5pm vs. Thunder
July 9, 7pm vs. Pacers
July 10, 1pm vs. Nets/76ers

For more on the Summer Leagues and the D-League, check out Ridiculous Upside.

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