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C's Offering Sheed 2 Years (Full MLE)

Mark Murphy reports:

A league source confirmed this morning that the Celtics were trying to set up a meeting with Rasheed Wallace later today. The sit-down was said to be part of a series of meetings being set up with all of the teams interested in signing the free agent power forward/center. San Antonio and Cleveland — which introduced Shaquille O’Neal as its latest addition today — were also supposed to meet with Wallace today.

According to the source, the Celtics are willing to offer the full $5.8 million mid-level exception, but were only planning on offering the 35-year-old a two-year contract.

Wallace’s friend, Kevin Garnett, has been part of the recruiting effort, but he is not expected to be part of today’s meeting.


The Globe is reporting that an offer has been made.

An NBA source said that the Celtics offered Pistons free agent F/C Rasheed Wallace a contract using the mid-level exception today during a three-hour meeting in Detroit.

Update 2: Murphy tells us

Though Wallace is fielding these pitches relatively early in the free agency process, teams have been warned that he may take some time before making a decision.

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