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Several Teams Want Baby

Tanguay reports:

I was told by a source close to the situation that Celtic restricted free agent Glen Davis is wanted by at least four other teams. Those teams are the Pistons, Memphis, New York and San Antonio.

I was also told that Joe Dumars wants him bad. It is no wonder considering Baby hung 20 points in 23 minutes on Dumar’s Pistons in January of 2008 in a Celtic seven point win.

It is my opinion only…I think it might be hard for Baby to turn down better money from another team.

I was told earlier by a source close to the Davis camp that the Spurs, Pistons, Grizzlies and Knicks were interested in restricted free agent Glen Davis. Since Zach Randolph has signed with Memphis it would seem they would no longer be in the Big Baby sweepstakes.

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