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Unconfirmed Rumor: Starbury Back?

A blog/website called New England Sports 24/7 is reporting that Stephon will be back in Boston. (link is now dead due to too much traffic that blew up their servers, ...sorry about that - I remember those days)

A source tells NES247 that Stephon Marbury will be returning to Boston, possibly for the bi-annual exception, before the end of August. Marbury is still playing the waiting game to see what other teams have to offer, but he intends on returning to Boston and Ainge has already given him a contract offer.

Here's the part I like:

Now I know you guys are thinking: where’s the link to the other news source? There isn’t one, this information is exclusive to NES247. Marbury will be in green next season playing backup to Rondo. You heard it here first.

That's right. NES247 exclusive. Your time to shine. If it happens, good on ya. If not, ...well, I would think twice about linking to them for rumors anymore. For what that's worth.

For his part, Starbury has been tweeting some love towards Boston lately. So you never know.

Update: StarburyMarbury will be broadcasting live at 9 PM tonight. Go ask him some Celtics questions on UStream.

We did this poll a few weeks back, lets run it out there again.

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