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Ball Don't Lie Ranks Free Agents Left

Ranking the NBA's eight best restricted free agents - Ball Don't Lie - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

5. Glen Davis

Davis runs the risk of being overrated because of his time spent on national TV this season, but he also runs the risk of being underrated if you purely look at his 2008-09 stats. Davis was nowhere near the same player in the second half of the season and the playoffs as he was in the first half, and in a good way.

Still, heaps of minutes pumped up his numbers in the playoffs, and his rebounding remains awful.

What will it take to get Boston to decline to match? I think Boston matches past the MLE. Seriously, Davis was rumored to go to a number of teams even earlier this month, but interest in his services fell by a ton when Boston started poking around and throwing out hints that they'd match. It's an arms race between Boston, Orlando, and Cleveland; and Danny Ainge doesn't want to lose Glen's chubby, kid-pushing wings.

Ranking the NBA's nine best unrestricted free agents - Ball Don't Lie - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

7. Leon Powe

Players usually don't come back from a second or third ACL tear very quickly, but I'm standing by my pronouncement that whatever team picks up Powe's medical bills right now will be very surprised with the beast they get next March. Powe should be back on the court well before then, he'll take a while to round into shape; and if the new team has a coach worth shouting about, then the Celtics will be very, very upset they didn't tender this guy the qualifying offer.

The solution? New York, you need scorers? You want someone to put up points for a year half a year before 2010? This is your guy.

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