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How Marquis Fits

Very nicely done article here on Daniels.

Paul Flannery | How Marquis Daniels Fits the Celtics Puzzle

In keeping with his quirky body of work, Daniels is not a post-up player, however. He does most of his business in the paint by slithering through the defense and pulling up for short jumpers and attacking the basket. In many ways that makes him a lot like Tony Allen, but Daniels’ turnover rate is much more in line with a player who understands his role, and the extra couple of inches on his frame allow him to legitimately guard small forwards.

In that way he fits in nicely with the Celtics’ revamped bench. With long-range bombers like Eddie House and Rasheed Wallace around him, Daniels should have ample room to do his thing and fall into a ready-made role.

But his real value is his versatility. He is more effective as a guard, but he held his own at small forward and is big enough and quick enough to handle big guards and forwards alike on the perimeter. The versatility will be welcome in Boston, since checking bigger guards in the second unit has been something of a problem for the Celtics in the past. 

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