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Dropping Shoes And Tying Up Loose Laces

No new news is sometimes good news and sometimes it is just no new news.  The first two shoes dropped with Sheed and Daniels signing.  Well, the Daniels shoe got caught on a lower branch and we're still waiting for that one to drop the rest of the way.  Then there's the Big Baby and backup PG shoes.  That's enough shoes to make Imelda Marcos proud.  So here's some random thoughts to pass the time and perhaps generate some discussion.

Red's Army tells us (via Indy Cornrows) that Brian Scalabrine won't be part of any Daniels sign and trade.  I'm pretty happy about that really.  For one thing Scal is a serviceable backup 4 if we need one.  For another thing his expiring salary will be a nice trade chip in February (provided we don't deal him before then).

Update: Marc Spears tells us that this will likely be resolved by the end of the week.

So who goes to Indy?  As I said on the Two Man Game show, I picture the conversation going like this...

  • DA: "Hey Larry, we're signing Daniels, wanna do a sign and trade?"
  • LB: "Sure, why not?  What'chu got?"
  • DA: "How about Tony Allen?"
  • LB: "Ha! Good one.  I don't think so.  How about Walker and Giddens?"
  • DA: "Hmm, I'd rather keep one of them.  How about Giddens and Pruitt?  You can waive Pruitt before Aug. 1st if you like.  That way you pick up a former first round pick without losing anything that you aren't already."
  • LB: "Maybe.  Lemme think about it."
  • DA: "Tell ya what, lets look around and see if we can get a third team involved.  Better yet, lets see if Utah needs help moving Boozer and shoehorn our way into that deal.  If we play our cards right we might each get a pick out of it."
  • LB: "Fine with me, I'm in no hurry.  You and Kevin still up for 18 holes on Friday?"

Well, you get the idea.  Anyway, I'm not anxious about it because we know we're going to get Daniels who is better than Giddens and Walker and whoever we lose can be replaced.

I'm also not that anxious about the backup point position.  Barring an injury to Rondo he's not going to see a lot of minutes anyway.  There's no shortage of guys out there that can give you 10 minutes without costing you the game.  We still have House to play the spot in a pinch.

If Marbury is that guy, fine, I'll take him on a veteran minimum contract.  He was a good solider last year but he really didn't give us much production.  Those two factors are why he's still an option by the way.  If he was any trouble at all, of course we wouldn't want him back.  If he played up to his potential, teams would have given him some kind of money this offseason.  He bought himself yet another chance to reclaim his career by behaving.  Now he just has to perform on the court.

Incidentally, if it seems like we've been talking about Starbury for a year, that's because we have.  Which is a neat segue into Big Baby.  Will he be back?  When will he get an offer?  Will Ainge match?  Will he be signed and traded?  Who knows?  All I know is that there's little chance of him leaving without us getting something in return.  So once again, I'm not too worried.

And that's all I've got for you tonight.  Keep your eyes on the sky.  You never know when that next shoe is going to drop.

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