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Daily Links 7/24

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Herald    Few spots open, but US players say camp worth it
LeBron James smoked marijuana
Nike giving back James dunk tapes
Globe  Nike giving back James dunk tapes
Boston Celtics Dancers final auditions

CelticsBlog    How Marquis Fits
Dropping Shoes And Tying Up Loose Laces
LOY's Place    Random Thoughts on a Very Slow News Day
Celtics 17   Back From the Hall of Fame (Not the Basketball One): News and More
Red's Army   Expect Decision on Marquis Daniels Very Soon
LeBron Becoming a Diva?
Celtics Circuit   Decision on Daniels By the End of the Week
Celtics Hub    Rajon Rondo’s Step Back
Celtics Town   Who Will Back Up Rajon Rondo?
Fernsten's Follies   Celtics Acquire 6'5" Wing Who Can Shoot & Play D
Signing Ron Artest was Riskiest Offseason Move
Dallas News   Clash between Mavericks owner, ex-coach detailed in transcripts
Lex Nihil Novi    The Sheed Shirt Arrives
Celtics Pound Bucks (90-91)
Bird Rebounds from Bad Texas Trip
Bullets Forever    Introducing the "Bring Kevin McHale to DC" movement
NY Post    The Brooklyn PGs
Yahoo    Grizzlies are out for A.I., same for Clippers?
Fox Sports    The NBA's seven worst teams for next season
WK Zone    Courting an Old Flame. Can the Pistons Forgive Ben Wallace?
CSNE   24 Hours of Stephon Marbury?!
CT News   Mid Summer Night Dreams - Stacked Wizards
Betting Pro    Boston Celtics Futures
Dime Mag    LeBron and Greg Oden vent; the worst-case Plan B for Odom
Twitter Has Revolutionized The Game
The Painted Area   USA Basketball: Musings on 2010-12
TBT   Paul Pierce, on the Cusp of Greatness
Enterprise   Celtics Walker paying summertime dues - Brockton, MA
ESPN    Williams' return from hiatus progressing
Bleacher Report   Shaq to Cavs, 'Sheed to Celtics, Carter to Magic. The East Is Beast.
NESN    NBA Stars to Play for Peace at Youth Clinic
Wheaties Looks to Garnett, Manning to Save Cereal
Ainge, Celtics Might Find Help at End of Their Own Bench    Odom, Lee top list of best free agents still available
Hoopsworld    Free Agency: Who's Left?
Soccer 365 Garnett Sporting Chelsea Colors
Slam Online   If It Ain’t Broke…
Sports Crackle Pop   Are Paul Pierce and Al Harrington throwing up gang signs?
Ultimate Cheerleaders   Celtics Hopefuls Prepare for Final Audition
Sports Two   Battle of the Bigs: The NBA’s Top Frontcourts
Oregon Live   Greg Oden has something to prove
LA Times   General Mills to launch Wheaties developed with athletes like Peyton Manning, Kevin Garnett
Indy Star    Tinsley will be cap hit for next 2 seasons

Blame Stephon Marbury for the links being late.  It's like a fatal attraction.  Just can't turn away. 

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