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Waiting On Indy

According to the Globe,it looks like the Celtics are waiting on Indiana to finish up roster moves before we can complete the Marquis Daniels sign and trade.

Several pieces are falling into place in Indiana, which could clarify how Daniels becomes a Celtic, one of them being if Jamaal Tinsley clears waivers Wednesday.

Indiana also decided not to match Toronto's offer for guard Jarrett Jack (four years, $20 million). The Pacers added guard Dahntay Jones from Denver (four years, $11 million) and their next target appears to be Dallas center Ryan Hollins. The Pacers have been proactive in the market and, once their roster is settled, they should be able to conclude the Daniels deal.

Indy Cornrows looks at the roster limit and deduces that it would have to be just one player coming back for "Quisy."

At this point, any sign-and-trade with Boston for Marquis Daniels could only include one player since Quisy's spot on the roster has already been vacated and that would max out the roster at 15.

That might mean that we still might be able to dump Tony Allen on them, which the Globe reports is the Celtics preference:

The Celtics apparently are willing to part with Tony Allen, who is in the last year of his contract and could fill a backup role with the Pacers.

And of course there's still the Big Baby watch.  The New York Post reports that the Nets are back in the mix.

"There is a sincere interest," Davis' agent, John Hamilton, said of the Nets.

And finally the Globe is reporting that any Rondo negotiations are still on the backburner.

Any dealings with Rondo will probably remain on the back burner until other roster issues are sorted out and Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge returns from vacation next week.

Perhaps Danny's vacation has slowed things down as well.  Which is fine by me.  He deserves a vacation, especially after having a heart attack this year.

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