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Rumor: Big Baby To New Jersey?

Justin Poulin of Celtics Stuff Live reported a rumor that Glen Davis could be headed to New Jersey in a sign and trade.

He didn't have any additional details, but Alex of NES 24/7 heard the same rumor and indicated that Ainge was after Yi Jianlian. That would make some sense as Ainge was rumored to have liked Yi a lot a few drafts back.

Update: Tom Halzack takes a detailed look at the options on the Nets roster.

As with all rumors, take with a grain of salt. I do think these roster moves will start to wrap up in the next week or so, but you never know.

Update: The Herald reports:

Though the Celtics have attempted to include restricted free agent Glen Davis in several sign-and-trade deals with other teams, sources with the Celtics and New Jersey both shot down a rumor this morning that both teams were attempting to make such an arrangement work.

Though the Nets have not approached Davis with an offer sheet, they have made their interest known in the young power forward.

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