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Rumor: Powe To Cleveland?

I'm told by another source (these things are just coming out of the woodwork these days) that Leon Powe is considering an offer from Cleveland.  Apparently Dallas has an offer to him as well, but with Drew Gooden signing he might be leaning towards taking the Cavs offer.  He still has not received an offer from Boston.

A note on all these rumors.  I'm not talking to agents and players myself.  I'm getting them from people that I think are credible but you can never be sure about who they are getting them from and so on.  This is the nature of rumors so please always take with a grain of salt.

Update: The source gave me permission to use his name.  It is Joshua Motenko from HoopsDaily.

Update 2: A Cleveland beat writer named Bob Finnan tweets that the Cavs have made no offer to Leon.

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