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Rumormongering And Other Deep Thoughts

Well, it has been an interesting couple days hasn't it?  Especially when you consider that nothing has actually happened yet.

I'll try to be as up front about this as I can.  I'm no insider, or at least I don't strive to be.  If something comes my way, I'll read it, consider it, check whatever sources I have available to me, and make a judgment call to run it on the blog or not.  Some I have more faith in than others but I won't try to pass them off as "gut feelings" either.  I understand that despite my best efforts to add disclaimers and qualify rumors that the credibility of the site in on the line.

Sure a temporary bump in traffic and seeing the blog's name pop up in various news outlets is a thrill.  But it isn't worth risking the name of the site.  It isn't worth being considered just another stereotypical blogger making up rumors for attention.  I can tell you I've come across a number of rumors that I haven't passed along.  I certainly can't promise that all the rumors I've passed along will come true, but they at least pass the smell test.  And that's about the best I can do.

With all that lead-in, here's what I can tell you in way of updates...

First of all, as I mentioned before, the Powe rumor comes to us from Joshua Motenko of HoopsDaily (and I'm still hoping it is untrue).  However, Bob Finnan (beat writer for Cavs) has denied that the Cavs have offered anything to Leon.  He does mention that there's interest there though.

The Cavs have not made a contract offer to Celtics power forward Leon Powe, an NBA source said.

However, there might be a little interest in the 6-8, 240-pounder. Powe is coming off ACL and microfracture surgeries to his knee and he might not be able to play until January or February.

Next there's the update from Mark Murphy (buried at the end of the Daniels update) that both teams are in denial mode about any Glen Davis sign and trade.

Though the Celtics have attempted to include restricted free agent Glen Davis in several sign-and-trade deals with other teams, sources with the Celtics and New Jersey both shot down a rumor this morning that both teams were attempting to make such an arrangement work.

So wait, the Celtics are looking for sign and trades, the Nets are interested in Baby, but we are to believe that they aren't trying to work something out?  Whatever.  Meanwhile Justin is still hearing the same thing he did yesterday about it.

Meanwhile the Bowen rumor is still floating out there and other outlets reported last week that the Celtics have an offer out to Marbury (though after this weekend I have to wonder if the interest is still as high).

I'm very interested to see how this Daniels situation will be resolved.  I have no new information on that, but I'm still not worried about it.  Being patient and waiting for the shoes to fall into place seems like the right way to go.

Bottom line: If all the rumors came true from the last week or so we'd have a bench of Starbury, House, Bowen, Daniels, Yi, Sean Williams, and Sheed.  Frankly I'd be shocked if that came together.  So as usual, grain of salt and all that.

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