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Gabe Pruitt Is Just About Done Here

The Globe is reporting:

An NBA source confirmed yesterday the Celtics are attempting to trade Pruitt, whose option deadline is Friday. The Celtics are leaning toward not picking up Pruitt’s option, which would leave the guard free to sign with another team.

Pruitt is unlikely to be used as part of a sign-and-trade deal involving Indiana guard Marquis Daniels, since the Pacers have three point guards. A three-team trade involving Pruitt also is unlikely, a league source said.

This news can't come as too much of a surprise to anyone.   He obviously didn't progress enough for the coaching staff to feel comfortable with him on the court.  With a gaping whole at the backup point guard position, he couldn't win the job or earn any significant playing time.

Maybe he'll catch on somewhere else in a different system but all signs point to an exit from Boston.  Right now he might best serve the Celtics as a trade chip.  As we have mentioned here several times, he can be traded and waived before August 1st, saving the team that acquires him his (admittedly small) salary.  As noted by the Globe, he's unlikely to go to Indy but perhaps he could still be part of a Big Baby sign-and-trade.  I was kind of hoping that would be the case because then we'd have some resolution on some of these roster moves by the end of July.

Or maybe he'll just be waived.  We'll find out soon enough.

Bonus link: Tom Halzack gives a nice rundown on where we stand now and gets bonus points for using the word "deleterious."

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