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Dominos Falling And Other Thoughts

I know there is a lot of hand wringing going on right now because so many contending teams have made moves to improve themselves and the Celtics have not. To be honest, I'm a little nervous myself. Still, I'm not going to worry too much here on the 3rd day of free agency. A lot can happen this summer and it isn't really fair to judge the offseason till the dust has settled a bit.

With that said, I'm not above a few knee jerk reactions, so here's some quick thoughts on the events thus far.

  • The Celtics have established a plan A and they still have a very good chance at getting that done. I'm not crazy about Sheed but I admit he's potentially a good fit. At this point I want things to work out if only because the team has put all their eggs in this basket. Losing him now would be embarrassing to say the least.
  • Plan B appears to be to split the MLE between a few players like Grant Hill and McDyess. But the longer we wait on Sheed, the less likely we are to get the players we'd value the highest. That's troubling.
  • Meanwhile, even though the Cavs have added Shaq to the mix, so far they've struck out in free agency. They wanted Artest, no dice. They wanted Ariza, nope. That kind of makes me feel better, but it also makes me wonder if they'll make a late push for Sheed now.
  • I won't shed a tear for Steph. What exactly was he expecting from us? A long term contract?
  • I may just shed a tear for Powe though. Sounds like he was willing to come back for a 1 year deal. I'm not happy about this at all.
  • When did Kevin Garnett become assistant GM? First his pal Cassell showed up. Then he gave his OK to proceed with Marbury. Now he's recruiting buddy Sheed and the C's are said to be interested in his best pal Ty Lue. Too bad he doesn't have any ties to Shawn Marion. Are there any other members of his posse that we should invite to the summer league?
  • Frankly I don't buy the fact that a lot of teams want Baby. I'm sure his agent fed that info to Tanguay and I'm sure a lot of teams have "interest" in Baby, but I don't think any of them will break the bank for him. Two of the most talked about teams are the Pistons and Griz and both already spent the large part of their money.
  • We still have a great starting five, provided they are healthy. We still need to seriously upgrade the bench. So far, not much has changed.

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