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Daily Links 7/3

Herald  Celtics make offer to Wallace
Ron Artest says he’s going to LA
C’s press for Rasheed WallaceC’s press for Rasheed Wallace
Globe    Artest to join Lakers
Marbury believes Celtics days are over
Celtics offer Wallace a contract

CelticsBlog   Dominos Falling And Other Thoughts
Getting To Know Sheed
LOY's Place     Things are Heating Up
Red's Army    What the C's really have to offer free agents
Shocker: Marbury Wants More Money
Celtics Circuit   Marbury Done as a Celtic?
Celtics Hub    C’s make Rasheed an offer
Loscy     An open letter to Danny Ainge: why you messed up.
Celtics Town   2009 Boston Celtics Summer Leage Roster: Breaking Down The Players
News Herald     Commentary: Shaq can entertain, but can he bring a ring?
Cavalier Attitude    Artest, Ariza Signings Should Not Have Cavs Fans on Suicide Watch
Detroit Free Press   'Sheed meets with Celtics brass and all-stars, receives offer
Connecticut News    Detroit’s UConn Signings Start Revolving Doors
Sports of Boston   Save Leon Powe Petition is a Little Ridiculous
Tony Allen: 2008-2009 Celtics Review
Dimemag    Rockets, Lakers (kinda) pull off a trade; Rubio not going to Wolves
Celtics 17    Yup, Danny Ainge is a Genius
Yahoo.   Suicide lines: Celtics offer 'Sheed deal; Iverson to the Heat?
Journal Constitution    Josh Childress is back on the free agent market, sort of!
Ken Berger   Gordon revisited: Sign-and-trade for Iverson?-
FanHouse     Artest in L.A. Could Most Hurt Gasol
Patriot Ledger     Celtics travel to Michigan to make a sales pitch for Wallace     Rasheed Wallace receptive to Celtics' pitch
NECN    Ainge: Hudson must prove himself to Rivers
Bleacher Report    Why Lester Hudson Is the Steal of the Draft for the Boston Celtics
Powe Must Go, Says Celtics' Front Office
My Southend     East could flip itself upside down after next summer
ProJo     Celtics get serious in courtship of Rasheed Wallace
SouthCoast Today    Celtics blog: The Need for 'Sheed
Phoenix Fanster    An open letter to Cavalier fans
Hoopsworld     Biggest Suprises in the Offseason (So Far)
In the Game      First NBA Summer League 2009 rosters revealed
CSNE   Top 20 Under 25 Fan Voting
Gettys Angle    Rasheed is a Tool
WEEI     The Case For Rasheed Wallace
Contra Costa Times    Celtics don't make Powe contract offer
MLive    So Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon are the newest Pistons, but where do they go from here?
Sactown Royalty    Leon Powe vs. Ike Diogu
ESPN    The TrueHoop Network Shootaround

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