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Green18 Has Arrived!

Congrats Green17
Congrats Green17

This post written by Master PO

Big Celtic Summer News!!!!!

Green18 has arrived!!!!!

Our very own Green17 and his wife, Ms Green17, have just announced the birth of the newest Celtic fan and the newest member of CelticsBlog!!! A new baby girl. Congratulations to them both in bringing this team and this blog another young fan.

From Green17: "Abby was born @ 10:32 this morning.  6lbs 12 oz.  everyone is doing great"

Oh..... the chat room on Game night will never be the same as Green17 will NOT be busy chatting, but rather busy changing diapers, trying to get the new little Leprechaun to sleep, or reading this little girl some books about Celtic lore or the wisdom of Po.

She will be known officially from this point forward on this blog as Little Miss Green18......and that may be all the extra luck we need for this season. Congrats and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs Green 17 and the newest Celtic fan - Little Miss Green18.

Get some sleep Daddy G17

baby pic after the jump



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