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Somethings Gotta Give

Gabe Pruitt is likely on his last day as a Celtic.  Marquis Daniels (assuming this is him) is trying to decide on a number to wear (I suggest #7).  Lamar Odom signed, and since he was the last big free agent, I would imagine some dominos will start falling sooner or later around the league because of it.

The latest chatter that Stein is hearing is that Sessions will get an offer from New York while the Bucks will focus on signing Hakim Warrick.

Gabe isn't the only one looking at August 1st as a critical date.  Bruce Bowen's contract becomes fully guaranteed on that day (I don't know what time of day).  If the Bucks release him now, they are on the hook for only $2M.  After tomorrow's deadline, they are locked into $4M.  If he isn't traded, expect him to be a free agent soon.

Bottom line is that somethings gotta happen soon.... doesn't it?

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