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Powe Update

Joining the enemy?
Joining the enemy?

David Aldridge reports:

The Cavaliers are [Leon] Powe's first choice for a new team, according to a source, with the Orlando Magic second. Dallas and the L.A. Lakers have also made inquiries about Powe, who suffered a third serious knee injury in Game 2 of Boston's first-round series against Chicago.  . . . But it's not a certainty that Powe will sign with any of those teams.

. . . In addition, a league source says that Powe is looking for a second year at his option, which would allow him to become an unrestricted free agent next summer without the team that signs him having either Larry Bird or early Bird re-signing rights. 

. . . There is no chance that the Celtics would re-sign Powe, or match any offer, said another source. The team has made it clear that it is moving on . . .

The Cavs, Magic, or Lakers, huh?  Sounds like Powe wants to get back at the Celtics.  I can't imagine that any team would be stupid enough to sign him to a two year deal, with the second year a player option.  That puts all the risk on the team, and none of it on Powe.  If his agent pulls that one off, he should win some sort of "agent of the year" award.

I'm not sure what to make of the second source related to the Celtics.  They seem not to understand that the Celtics couldn't match any offer to Powe, even if they wanted to, as he is not a restricted free agent.  Also, the source implies that Powe would receive a contract worth between $2.5 and $3.0 million per season, which again seems out of the realm of possibility.  I'd suggest taking the update for what it's worth.

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