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More Reasons Why Boston May Be Right Fit

The more I read about this, the more it seems like Sheed will ultimately decide between Boston and San Antonio.  And I wouldn't rule out Boston anytime soon.  Via the Herald: (emphasis mine)

The Celtics hit the 35-year-old free agent with a Big Three press on Thursday, showering him with everything from the camaraderie of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to the usual pitch about Celtics history.

"Oh yes, we heard about that," said Wallace’s agent, Bill Strickland. "He’s well-aware of that. He (played at) North Carolina, so that kind of thing matters to him."

Something else in the Celts’ pitch, however, caught Wallace’s ear.

"One thing I liked that Danny (Ainge, executive director of basketball operations) said (Thursday) is that if they sign Rasheed, that won’t stop him from adding further to the team, because they are committed to winning," Strickland said.

That’s important, because nothing truly matters to Wallace beyond the best chance to win one, and maybe two, more rings. That’s the reason he decided against retirement last month.

All are expected to offer that same $5.8 million slot to Wallace - the Celtics did Thursday - so money is unlikely to be the issue.

Neither will contract length. Wallace doesn’t plan to play much longer.

"He could retire right now and be happy," Strickland said. "But that’s something we’ve already dealt with. He said, ‘I want to play more and go for another ring.’ "

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